Hattori means passion for Japan, yearnings for tradition, quality and respect.

Hattori is a story of Yaakov Banoz, who had flew to Japan as part of his post-military service trip and fell in love with the country, its rich culture, views and his wife. 12 years later, Yaakov returned to Israel with his family, which was started in Japan, this time due to yearnings for Israel…

But now a new yearning has come up- the yearning for Japan and its leaders. Consequently, a new idea has blossomed in his heart, to combine his love for both countries.

That is exactly how the idea of Hattori came about, bringing the best chef knives and the most quality and well-designed serving dishes Japan has to offer. Yet it was not simple.

The manufacturer of the first and most prestigious brand of Japanese knives has turned the “serial wooer” from the west down.

A man of honor, to whom money is not important- but the people who stand in front of him.

Despite the rejection, Yaakov did not give up- he continued to meet with him repeatedly for three months afterwards. He paid him respect that only real Japanese are able to, and charmed him with his unique Israeli audacity that only we possess.

This combination, of Asian respect and Israeli audacity, is what allowed Hattori to be eventually formed.

Yaakov succeeded to bring the knives to Israel. About a year ago, Hattori was opened in Israel as the importer of exclusive kitchen knives from Japan. All knives are of leading brands (Masamoto and Kia). Hattori is a boutique store and the exclusive importer of prestigious Japanese kitchen dishes.

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Chef knives at Hattori are handmade


Leading chefs around the world choose Masamoto and Kia brands, a symbol of Japanese excellence

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We are exclusive importers of Masamoto and Kia brands made in Japan


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