Masamoto Shobu Yanagiba – Carbon 24/27 cm


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Style sushi knife blade double-edged (feather-shaped knife) Iangibh 24/27 cm of Smoot.Hallmark: Hold the handle made of buffalo horn Japanese

The sushi knives of this small workshop considered desirable in the world, the greatest chefs in Japan and abroad see Masmoto blades exceptional quality symbol. The secret of the knives being kept strictly Masmoto has been 10 generations. It was in 1845 drew Mtsozaooh Minosokh dynasty established the first workshop. In the late eighties of the 19th century, was moved to the seat of the workshop in Tokyo and since it is there. Masmoto known for his mythological sushi knives series KKIangibh

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24 cm carbon


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