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Kiya Yanagiba Carbon 24/27 cm


Style sushi knife blade Yasuki return Ingibh Sirogami carbon  24/27 cm from Kiya.

Kea’s knife shop first opened in 1792 by master sword prohibits volume Cato who put him over the years a long line of large volumes of swords. Though relatively soon became a shop empire of Japan’s food industry products, Kiya jealously preserved place of honor in the field of knives and considers it the main source of pride. Master handcuffing Kaibo responsible for the day continuing the grand tradition of Kiya and is responsible for the premium series produced to date by hand. Alongside the series handmade, established Kiya plant producing high-quality knives according to traditional knowledge combined with advanced technology.

Knives Iangibh: Complete article


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24 cm carbon, 24 cm stainless